[mowbot] Legal stuff

robin nospam at acm.org
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 18:54:46 +0100

Tom <tmaier+ nospam at andrew.cmu.edu> wrote:
> By the way, to all, it's "Tom" not "Thomas". Thomas is the guy that
> signs all that *legal stuff*. I usually keep him well surpressed at all
> other times.

Go on, let Thomas out, I want to talk about legal stuff:-)

I do think we need to take a few steps to safeguard the spirit of this
project. If some random person reads our musings and feels enthused to
go and build himself a mowbot, that's great. If he decides he's going
to set up a factory and make millions, then gets an injunction against
our web site because he's registered the name Mowbot, I won't be happy.

The GNU Public Licence seems to have the right idea, although it is
designed to protect software rather than ideas.

We should at least be copyrighting our posts, so whatever distribution
we do agree is backed up by copyright law.


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