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> Date: Tuesday, September 24, 1996 11:14 PM
> No, no, no. Back in the OLD days. Long before the lawn ranger. Probably
> years ago. (Any other "old timers" out there? I'm 40.) I beleive it was
> the MowBot and it was made by General Electric or some other big company.
It had
> at least one pretty good size deep cycle battery, xacto blade cutters, a
> plastic body. It used a sensor to detect a buried wire around the
perimeter of
> the area to be mowed. It then took a random path to cut the grass,
turning when
> (snip)
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I remember seeing that MowBot in Pop Sci ages ago (you're not the only
here :). I though it was really cool, but unfortunately it's more suited
for smaller and flatter
lawns. Our lawn is/was larger, hilly, with many obstacles.

I was surprised how similar the Lawn Ranger in Pop Elec was.