Re: [mowbot] Area

robin nospam at
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:36:28 +0100

I wrote:
> The area is already too small for Ray (who has 2 acres), and I figured
> the time from my cutting length limit and estimated growth rate.

Ray wrote:
> I hope you're not talking about me. I don't have 2 acres (I wish), I did
> some rough measurements today and it looks like I have about 800 m^2.

Oops, sorry, my misattribution. The piece I was thinking of was actually
from a pre-mailing-list post by Monty Stein on 18 September:
> ... My intent was to mow a border around
> the chunk of ground that I wanted chopped and then let the thing run loose
> within the area (I let my grass get fairly long before I cut it, mowing 2
> acres just takes too long).


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