Re: [mowbot] Theft control

Lawrence Lile (lilel nospam at
Tue, 4 May 1999 08:42:37 -0500

So say someone tries to steal your 'Bot from your yard? People will steal
anything unusual (my experience with recumbent bikes)

My 'bot is going to have a tipover sensor, that will shut down the motor and
cutting blade, and honk a horn. The horn won't stop honking until I reset
it with my secret method (which I haven't worked out yet.. keyswitch?) I'd
also like to have some kind of proximity/homing signal... say a cheap AM
transmitter kit in the house on a wall wort, modulated by a slow 555
oscilator, a cheap AM reciever tuned to that frequency in the 'Bot - Honks
and freezes if the AM signal is not recieved...

I could also put that AM transmitter kit in the 'BOT, and TRACK the thing if
some neighborhood kid steals it...

Any other ideas? These all seem to complex (except the tipover sensor)

-- Lawrence Lile