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Lawrence Lile (lilel nospam at
Tue, 4 May 1999 08:31:55 -0500

That's more like it, Dave - substitute stubborn persistence for power.

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Date: Monday, May 03, 1999 6:28 PM
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>At 13:50 03-05-99 -0500, Lawrence Lile wrote:
>>I am also curious about your use of airflow in the cutting motor. I
>>understand that moving air in mowers is a big power user. Is it possible
>>just to cut the grass off and let it lay, and use less power?
>The problem seems to be that grass gets trampled and falls below the
>cutting height. This is really only a problem if the grass is too long in
>the first place, or if the cutter system is spinning too fast (assuming no
>The ways I intend to deal with this are:
>1) use a slower cut speed.
>2) cut regularly so the grass won't bend easily
>3) ignore grass already bent and hope it gets long enough to sit up above
>the cut height
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