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Ron Woodward (RWoodward nospam at gnn.com)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 13:29:54

>I favor the beacon approach. I'd personally like to not have the
>beacons, but realistically, it is probably the most practical,
>particularly if they could (somehow) be made passive. Besides, on my
>*piece of the rock* there is no physical divider between my property and
>my neighbor's, so I'd have to do *something* there, unless of course I
>can convince him to let me wonder over there now and again.

Passive beacons!!!
That reminded me of an Idea I had some time ago on how to do just that.

You can purchase colored reflective tape (not shiny stuff but the stuff
road signs are made of). This stuff can reflect a significant amount of light
back to the observer. Use a different color or color combination for each
post. Your search beacon / detector would send out a white beam and would use
three different color sensitive detectors. Depending on which ones recieved light
back you could tell which beacon you were looking at.