[mowbot] mowbot

Ron Woodward (RWoodward nospam at gnn.com)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 13:30:54

>I don't know what the grass is like in other parts of the world but when
>I flip my mower over to look underneath, e.g. at oil change time, I have
>trouble finding the plug for all of the organic *crud* caked on the
>underside. Relying on ANY form of light sensor under the deck is a bad
>idea unless, of course, you take the *Mercedes Benz approach* and put a
>little windshield wiper in front of it. :-)

I know the drawing was crude but I thought it showed the sensors out in
front of the deck and shielded by the deck itself from any flying
"Organic *crud*".

You do have one point. A small stationary reflector might be better than
relying on white wheels which probably would pick up FOC. :-)