Re: [mowbot] Blades and string

Christopher Collins (pcollins nospam at
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 16:51:16 +0100

Here's my twopence worth anyway.

As regards blades. What if a cylinder type blade (like the old manual
push along mowers) be put in our mowbot. This lessens the chance of
stones being thrown and so is a safer design. Also this can be
mecanically tied to the drive wheels so that when the mowbot stops so
does the blade.

I also think some sort of sensor should be put on the mowbot so that
when a person or animal comes near the mowbot it stops dead in its
tracks until the person or animal moves away, i.e. a 1 meter radius.
This means that a child or the family pet doesn't get injured when it
gets near, therefore a safer design.

No matter what type of blade you decide to use I think that when anybody
comes within a certain distance the blade should stop spinning!

I hope thats been helpful.


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