Re: [mowbot] worried about power.

robin nospam at
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 00:37:58 +0100

Monta Elkins <Monta nospam at> wrote:
> Large "Motorcycle" batteries are 28 Amp Hour
> (looked at them yesterday)
> Let's devote 20AH to 1 hour of cutting
> (that's about 50% of the stall power figures from my chart)
> and 8AH to 1 hour of movement(?)...
Gag, splutter. 20Ah means 20A for 1 hour. There is no way I'm having
something consuming 20A loose in my garden! Similarly, a two 4A motors
are going to do serious damage if pointed in the wrong direction.

I think you can reduce the figures to 1A for each motor and a generous 2A
for cutting. 4A is still higher than I'd like, but a bit more reasonable!


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