Re: [mowbot] cutting systems (New to list)

RIPowis nospam at
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 01:36:55 EDT


I've looked at a mowbot idea for a while now, I have no experience to speak
of in the fields of electronics or engineering, and the rotating blade idea
IS used in the commercial ventures that I've seen on the web so the idea
can't be that bad, and to me it seems logical and fairly easy to implement.

As for the cutting pattern, I've seen mowbots that use a variety of program
logic to cover all the grass in the shortest time. In this area I've played
with a simulator in Excel, that I wrote, to try various pattern logic and it
all comes down to what size garden you have and what shape it is and if you
have any flower beds in the middle (or there abouts). When you cut your grass
you can see where you want to go next or think about it when approaching,
say, a tree in the garden (left, right or about turn) but I'm finding it very
difficult to program that sort of logic for a mowbot! (perhaps someone can
help me out!). But if you have a nice flat, square, plain garden then a
stripe cut would be the easiest and best proram logic to use.

Just my thoughts