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>Bug Hunter wrote:
>> On Wed, 5 May 1999, david steinke wrote:
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>> > PVC is about the cheapist plastic out there. A 4x8' sheet of 1/4" thick
>> > pvc sheet for $40 is the regular price at my local plastic supplier, so
>> > I wouldn't bother to try to flatten PVC pipe. I might try your technique
>> > for moulding shapes though. The only real problem with PVC is that you
>> > cannot let it sit in the sun. UV degrades it.
>> there are versions of pvc pipe that have UV protection built into the
>> plastic.
>Do you have a brand or trade name or source for the UV pvc pipe? I use
>plastics at work for exterior housing/mechanics/plumbing. I have seen
>non UV resistant plastics made UV resistant by embedding graphite into
>them. I have not seen an UV resistant PVC pipe though.

I have had no problem with the UV aspect and PVC. So i wouldnt worry
about that. In fact, i have made a rotor for a windgenerator out of pvc
pipe and it has been running the last 3 years. Although i did paint it,
the paint has worn off years ago. I think a lot of it has been made UV
resistant just out of common usage. the design for the PVC rotor is at the
adress in the signature below.
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