Re: [mowbot] Vacubots

Benny D. Miller Jr. (bmiller nospam at
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 06:49:29 -0400

>The only other concern I have regarding push types, is that they may
>require reasonable downforce to stop them skating across the top of the
>carpet, have you done any experiments in this regard?

I have a short pile/loop carpet. Being in Florida it appears to be somewhat
consistent with the area.

>From some experiments it appears the unit I'm using requires about 16
ounces to keep the brushes turning. I have a 20oz spring that I plan
on using to keep the downward force. I'll keep the group posted
as my project starts to take form. I'm heading out of town this
week and won't be back till mid next week. Of course I haven't
taken the time to try and figure out the cost in power it will be necessary
to push the unit. I just had decided that the power would
be less than that required for a full vacuuming system.