Re: [mowbot] Vacubots

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 15:57:22 +1000

At 22:27 12-10-98 -0400, Ben wrote:
>My current project uses the push type sweeper. I believe that I will
>require less current draw than a vacuuming unit. Also from personal
>experiences of running the Hand Powered version that I need to vacuum much
>less often. Since this unit will run during the times I'm not at home and
>have chosen a random turn and degree on finding an obstacle. Then again,
>"much less" is not a truly quantitative measurement.
Mate, if it works that's great. Those push type sweepers usually have a
very low profile which makes them ideal for this type of job.

How thick is your carpet? I have a very short loop pile that would probably
be fine with the push type. I think thick pile would be hard to clean with
the brush type.

The only other concern I have regarding push types, is that they may
require reasonable downforce to stop them skating across the top of the
carpet, have you done any experiments in this regard?