Re: [mowbot] Cordless lawn mower modification.

Paul Jurczak (pauljurczak nospam at
Wed, 6 May 1998 22:49:59 -0700 (PDT)

---Dave Everett <deverett nospam at> wrote:
> I'd suggest that you use wheel with bigger diameters than come
> I've upped mine from 17.5cm to 20.5cm, this reduces the torque
required and
> helps the robot get over rocks and such.

Mower comes with 14" rear wheels - they are HUGE. The largest casters
I found are 5" diameter - a little bit too small, but I will try.

> I'd like to hear more about your vision system

I'm finishing edge segmentation right now. Low level processing is
very fast - real time easily. I'm not sure which way I will approach
real world modelling problem. Vision is monocular and color. Robot
will be initially restricted to my fenced backyard. Borders of grass
are easily detectable: fence, deck, framed playset, wall of the house
and edged areas with shrubs and flowers.
I will try to post regular updates of my progress.


Paul Jurczak
<pauljurczak nospam at>

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