Re: [mowbot] Cordless lawn mower modification.

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Thu, 07 May 1998 08:51:46 +1000

At 01:07 PM 06-05-98 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm planning to build robotic lawn mower using vision for guidance.
>Project is already advanced enough on vision side, so it's time to put
>together hardware. I'm thinking about modifying Black&Decker CM630 12V
>cordless mower. I will replace front wheels with casters and add two
>Pittman GM9236S018 geared motors driving rear wheels using sprockets
>and chain. Box with the PC and camera will be mounted on top.
>I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.
That sounds like a good way to go. You will have licked the 2 of the main
problems easily.

I'd suggest that you use wheel with bigger diameters than come standard.
I've upped mine from 17.5cm to 20.5cm, this reduces the torque required and
helps the robot get over rocks and such.

I'd like to hear more about your vision system

Dave Everett

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