Re: [mowbot] Motors arrive

Monta Elkins (Monta nospam at
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 09:58:30 -0500

> Any updates on cutting technology? Anyone consider simply using a real
> lawn mower attached to a base such as above. Real lawn mowers definitely
> have the correct cutting technology, they just don't have the correct
> platform for autonomous (sp) motion.

I'm a little slow today. By "real" mower I guess you mean,
gas powered bladed; At first I thought you meant "reel" mower;
the old style push mower.

I "tested" a reel mower by connecting it to my son's
"bigfoot" battery car. It worked - sort of -
The biggest problem I guess is that it needs to keep
some real rotational momentum going to cut well.
meaning long stretches, moderately high speeds -
does very poorly stop and go tight corners etc.

> Comments and criticisms welcome. Put it right back here on the mailing list
> so we can bounce it around.

I think in general an automated gas powered mower is considered
too dangerous. (Think kids, neighbors, pets, etc.)

-Monta Elkins

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