Re: [mowbot] Motors arrive

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 19:40:58 +1000

Byron A Jeff wrote:
> OK. This is exactly the kind of critique I needed. How exactly are you
> interfacing your motors and wheels?
A shaft is being made. One end is bored to take the output of the
gearmotor and be locked with some grub screws. The diameter changes part
way up to take an SKF sealed bearing, I'll also be putting the opto
encoder wheel there. The engineer is making a n aluminium plate with a
small lathed attachment to take the other side of the bearing. The shaft
then continues with a thread at the end, the wheel is secured with a
strong spring washer. The plate locks to the gearmotor with some
threaded standoff, removing the strain from the gearmotor housing and
putting it into the bearing and plate.

When I post pictures this will be much clearer.

> > light small plastic blade for cutting grass, when the parts come back
> > from the engineer I'll be able to run some experiments with it. I'm
> > getting him to put together a leadscrew lift system for the blade motor
> > so I can vary the cut height.
> Must be nice to actually have an engineer on the project! ;-) I have to
> do everything on my own, and I have to do it cheap. That's why I continue
> to look for cheap commonly available stuff to do the job.

Mate, believe me it's cheaper to have an engineer do it than let me near
workshop equipment <g>. Actually his rates are very reasonable,
especially since I just can't get access to lathes and such.

Dave Everett.