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Fri, 25 Oct 1996 20:30:31 +0100

Raymond Skarratt u <skar9500 nospam at> wrote:
> I was thinking for the body something more alog the lines of a wire
> (coathanger) frame with a fiberglass shell.
As I said, I was trying to think of something crude and simple with
which we could get started. Fibreglass would be lovely, but I can't
see us starting off with that.

> I think that personally I would like to stay way from those 10 lb or so
> motorcycle and marine batteries. I think that we can find something
> closer to our requirments in a lead-acid sealed type...
Agreed. Actually, I'm beginning to think that calling it a motorcycle
battery as the catalogue did must have been misleading, because the
battery I had in mind was a small sealed lead-acid 12V 7Ah, specifically
described as suitable for repeated deep discharge cycles.

> ...(the best example I can think of is from laptops and notebooks
All the laptop/notebook batteries I have seen are NiCd or more recently
NiMH or even lithium ion. All of which are very expensive for the sort
of amp-hour rating we probably need.

Manfred Posch, a student in the Elec. Engineering department here at
Swansea University, is going to build up the old RemCo tracked chassis
I mentioned earlier. He's been reading the old mowbot discussions,
and I think he'll be keen to help with some experiments. The chassis
has substantial motors, each rated at 7A stall current. We don't yet
know how much it takes to run, but it is certainly measured in amps.


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