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Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:12:34 -0400

Byron A Jeff wrote:
> >
> > > Does anyone know of any cheap mobile platforms we could adopt?
> This is the prime topic IMHO. I think we collectively have enough
> microcontroller/computer expertise to do all the electonics. Mechanical?

Platform is a big issue.
I don't know about "biggest" though.

> > I think I've mentioned my plans to use a "retired" child's
> > battery operated car. It has pleny of load capacity; plenty
> > of power and are available cheep second hand. They are also
> > already wired for 6v and 12v operation (with motors, wheels,
> > the works.)
> I took apart my daughter's car.
> It's quite powerful. However a couple of open issues:
> 1) The gearing is set up to spin only forward. A "jiggle" gear slips if
> the motor is spun backward.
> 2) Since only one motor is driving the back wheels, steering much be
> accomplished some other way.

My son's "bigfoot" contruction is different.
1 motor on each wheel (could do a differential speed steering thing)

And it drives backwards. (the truck has a reverse switch).

My concerns were
1) SLOW IT DOWN; the thing FLIES.
a PWM signal could do that.

2) Steering.
Differential drive is all the rage, but I'd been thinking
about using the existing steering. (I'd need good position

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