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DON AUTRY (Don.L.Autry nospam at msfc.nasa.gov)
30 Sep 1996 12:40:37 -0500

I have also thought of the idea of using W.T. blades for mowbot. As far as
I am concerned, string is not usable. It breaks and I have yet to see a
string trimmer which would feed reliably. I use these blades in my trimmer
and can tell you that they are great. As for durability, they are fine as
long as they are only cutting grass. When you start banging them into the
side of the house to edge it, they start getting chewed up but do last thru
several mowings and I have a lot of fencing, and a big ditch to mow. For
mowbot, this would not be a issue since the blades will be encased and it
strictly be cutting grass.

P. S. Monta, if this doesn't show up thru the mail demon, please forward
it. For some reason nasa seems to be having trouble sending there.

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Subject: Re: [mowbot] Feeling left out... ;-(
Author: Monta nospam at vt.edu at SMTP
Date: 9/30/96 12:19 PM

> - I tested my gas trimmer with the "Weed Terminator" on it with grass. The
> WT uses 3 6 in. nylon blades instead of string. So no worries about feeding.
> Anyway I was pleased with the results, as long as the blade and housing
> didn't hit the ground, it cut grass quite well. I have no idea about the
> power consumption for a such a beast.

Thanks for the info about the nylon blades!
It would be nice to know the durability of them.
(Would they last if they were used to cut your entire yard).

There are two obvious possibilities for a 'string trimmer'

1) use nylon blades if the durability is sufficient.

2) include a 'tapping' mechanism (or other mechanism) to
advance the string.

-Monta Elkins

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