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Mon, 30 Sep 1996 08:15:50 -0400

Byron A Jeff wrote:

> - I like to moritorium on CPUs. Probably need to simply define some
> generic specification for what the CPU board must do and let folks pick
> the CPU and development environment they're comfortable with. I'm
> a PIC guy personally.

Sounds reasonable. We could define 'requirements' like i/o
pwm and a/d and then see which is best fit, or just most familiar
to the design team.

> - I tested my gas trimmer with the "Weed Terminator" on it with grass. The
> WT uses 3 6 in. nylon blades instead of string. So no worries about feeding.
> Anyway I was pleased with the results, as long as the blade and housing
> didn't hit the ground, it cut grass quite well. I have no idea about the
> power consumption for a such a beast.

Thanks for the info about the nylon blades!
It would be nice to know the durability of them.
(Would they last if they were used to cut your entire yard).

There are two obvious possibilities for a 'string trimmer'

1) use nylon blades if the durability is sufficient.

2) include a 'tapping' mechanism (or other mechanism) to
advance the string.

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