[mowbot] guidance

robin nospam at acm.org
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 01:09:04 +0100

RWoodward nospam at gnn.com (Ron Woodward) wrote:
> What difference does it make if its concrete or mowed grass? We don't
> want the robot to spend much time on either. As soon as it detects the
> absence of mowable (tall) grass it changes direction to go find some.
The difference is that Mowbot should be free to wander over already-mowed
grass in search of a better area to cut, but not free to cross the tarmac
leading to the public highway or the paving stones leading to the vegetable

Ideally, the boundaries of the mowable area should consist only
of things that are in the environment anyway. There needs to be an
additional mechanism for marking otherwise ``invisible'' boundaries in
a Mowbot-friendly way, but on the princliple of maximal laziness, there
should be no requirement to reinforce boundaries that are already there.


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