[mowbot] What we want to achieve

Dave Everett (Deverett nospam at vir.idx.com.au)
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 08:16:43 +1000

robin nospam at acm.org wrote:
> Raymond Skarratt u <skar9500 nospam at mach1.wlu.ca> wrote:
> > Anyone out there want to start telling us what they are looking for in > > afinished project?
> I want the maximally lazy option:
> * autonomous (I don't have to watch over it)

That's my desire also. In a later post Raymond voices a concern about
theft. A loud siren could be fitted under the body that would sound if
the robot was lifted without an access code being entered, like the
solar mower. The siren could also be useful for alerting us to problems
with the robot.

> * self-parking (I don't have to get it out, put it away or charge it)

No argument here.

> * no re-programming needed when it is moved to a new location
> (I have two disconnected lawns, and I probably won't want to > build
> two mowbots since the front lawn is quite small)

Yep. I believe that is fully achievable, especially if we don't try to
keep an explicit map onboard (I'm not against explicit maps, but there
is not one real world example that works).

> * no need to explicitly define boundaries (since I think the natural
> boundaries in my case are good enough)

Yep, "The world is it's own best model" Jon Connell.

> My implementation preferences are:
> * low power
> * low speed
Fine, but we need to determine what low speed is.
> * quiet
Oh, I thought we could have Motorhead samples playing through a speaker
> * ``nibbling'' cutter
If it can be achieved I am quite happy with this, my only criteria is
that it cut effectively.
> * solar powered, with provision for automatic top-up charging
I'd put that more as an option,we need to accurately determine the
current requirements first.
> * 68HC11 micro
We'll see. I'm not opposed to the HC11, it's a great chip, but I'm not
certain that incorporating all functions into a single chip are the best
way to deal with a real world robot.

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