Re: [mowbot] Ultrasonic hardness measurement

Monta Elkins (Monta nospam at
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 09:39:26 -0400

Dave Everett wrote:
> I set up an experimental breadboard to test the possibility of
> differentiating between grass and concrete.

Thats pretty interesting, but I'm not sure it practical.

We'd have to distinguish between:
grass and concrete
grass and asphalt
grass and mulch
grass and gravel / pebbles
grass and lettuce
grass and flowers

Thats why I'm so interested in 'position' technology.

I'd imagined leading mowbot around the yard once and saying,
don't ever mow this (its my garden) or this (it's my driveway)
or this (they're my wife's flowers) or anything past here
(that's my neighbor's yard).

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