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robin nospam at
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 20:32:56 +0100

Monta Elkins <Monta nospam at> wrote:
> I put together some slide for a proposed outline.
> (yes I'm excited about the project....)
Excellent. Me too:-)

> They're at
For those who haven't looked (or can't?), Monta's outline is:
MowBot - Creation Outline - Proposal for Comments
Proposed Steps for the creation of MowBot
Goal Definition
Mobile Platform
Microprocessor Control
Simple Pattern Navigation
Recharging Behavior
Boundary/Position Recognition
Mowing Algorithms
Advanced Topics
I know we'll have to put some stuff on the web/ftp (graphics or big
files), but can we try to keep relevant stuff in the list please?
That way, we all get to see what's talked about in context, and it all
gets automatically archived for posterity. Thanks.

I wonder if Monta saw the earlier post(s) proposing the split:
control, movement, sensors, effectors, power, chassis
These are broader and more all-inclusive categories, which will need to
be expanded at a lower level with elements such as those in Monta's list.
But I maintain that the goal definition is the most important at this
stage (though perhaps because it is harder than addressing engineering
problems it seems to have been rather neglected so far). Until we
have that nailed down, we can't proceed with detailed planning because
we don't know what to plan for!


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