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> > They're at
> >
> For those who haven't looked (or can't?), Monta's outline is:

Wasn't sure about e-mail verses web...
I can't easily convert the spreadsheet though;
and it's been added.

It suggests to me that speed of the final platform is
more important than I originally thought.
Thanks Robin for starting the 'back of the evelope'
calculations. A version of which I put on the web page.

This 'website' was only meant to tempory 'til the stuff
could be moved to the 'real mowbot webpage' if
anyone wanted it.

> But I maintain that the goal definition is the most important at this
> stage (though perhaps because it is harder than addressing engineering
> problems it seems to have been rather neglected so far).

Goals are most important now.
My 'list' consists of proposed consecutive goals...
or maybe an impelementation methodology.

A way of subdiving "mowbot" into some definiable subgoals.

Many assumptions have been made, which need to be
reviewed, questioned, debated.

But it is a very concrete 'task list'.
I want to try to avoid the tendancy to spend
the next two years debating robot philosophy
and instead get a prototype that does _something_
even if its ugly.

> I wonder if Monta saw the earlier post(s) proposing the split:
> control, movement, sensors, effectors, power, chassis
> These are broader and more all-inclusive categories, which will need to
> be expanded at a lower level with elements such as those in Monta's list.

I can post those as well, as they are expanded and 'weeded' :)
for applicability.

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