Re: [mowbot] A Lurker Says, "Hello".

Dave Everett (Deverett nospam at
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 18:47:18 +1000

Welcome to the project Robert :-)

Robert Bergstrom wrote:
> Personally, I would prefer a robot which could navigate over one which
> simply does a random walk. It is more dificult and the lessons learned
> would of course carry over into other tasks.

Agreed, a navigating robot would be far more effective, random just
cut it (pun intended) ;-) Apart from the grass sensor idea I've
from the Radio-Electronis article (which I am getting from the city
for background information), It may be possible to create a colour
that was responsive to the rough colour of grass. This is not as far
as it sounds, there are SMD chip colour sensors that I have heard of.
of course like blue is a difficult colour to sense, but by using filters
it might be possible to eliminate the need for a boundary wire type

Dave Everett.