RE: [mowbot] New to the list

Clyde Seigle (seiglec nospam at
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 05:50:43 -0500

>>David Anderson on 9/22
>>... Too bad
>>someone hasn't developed a system to determine location on a local scale.
>>I've read a little on GPS as well as differential GPS but, of course, its
>>very cost prohibitive for the amateur...

I think that the one built by the University of Florida uses some form of
local positioning system. I don't know how accurate or cost effective it is.
Does anyone have information on an inexpensive positioning system?

>>David Anderson on 9/22
>> ... The mower would be able to follow various patterns to
>>complete its task for different visual "effects" to the area.

I also had this thought. This is probably something you could use to show
off your creation after all the other details are worked out, but you could
program in various algorithms to produce very intricate patterns. There
might even be a business here (or maybe just fun) where you could take your
mower to someone's house and create elaborate patterns or even messages in
their yard for special events.