[mowbot] new to the list

Clyde Seigle (seiglec nospam at cch.com)
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 15:41:59 -0500

I've just caught the mowbot bug and have not even begun implementation yet.
My last robot was a feeble attempt about 15 years ago, so I'm starting at
somewhat of a deficit.

I've read many of the archive files for this list to get a feel for where
the discussion is heading and wanted to through out a few ideas.

Is everyone aware that at lease one model appears to be available on the
market today? A company in Sweden
http://www.international.husqvarna.com/products/frameset.html is selling a
solar powered and AC rechargeable version. It at least is on the web site
although the sales rep I checked with had no info. It has a very cleaver
cutting system - spinning disk with hinged razor blades - that is very
efficient. The control system is somewhat limited in that it used a random
coverage system. I was thinking however that you might be able to use that
system as a base platform and then build a more elaborate control system.

I've also though that I would like my system to be able to cut in an
alternating pattern - similar to the way I cut my grass manually today. I'm
not sure that it will be able to do that with entirely local control. I'm
thinking that a positioning system with a remote link back to a control
system may be the best approach. The control system could be a very power
system with advance algorithms programmed to calculate optimal mowing
patterns. You would need to first teach it the boundaries and desired
patters - such as following the driveway - but after that it could computer
most of the rest. The mower itself would contain just the basic mobility and
safety features so that it would not run wild in the event that it lost
contact with the control system.

Perhaps this is heresy from a robotics perspective, but it seem like a more
manageable solution.