Re: [mowbot] Servo positioning

Joshua Matthews (joshua nospam at
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 19:51:25 +1000

Hi there

With respect too.....

Furthermore, they
>turn very slowly for the first quarter turn, then turn very quickly for the
>last 3/4 turn.

I wonder if you have 'Log' (logrithmic) pots instead of
linear ones. They would give that type of response,
slow then fast.
I cant recall what the suffix's are for each type, you can
easily tell by removing one from circuit and measuring the
resistance at the mechanical half way point. For a linear
it will be around half the Max resistance and it will be
about the same from both ends. A Log will not be half
resistance at mechanical half way point.

Log pots a typicaly used in audio applications.