Re: [mowbot] Proportional Radio Control

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 17:00:35 +1000

At 13:22 16-06-99 -0400, Michael Davenport wrote:
>I have found an interesting little circuit for proportional radio control.
>I am not very well equipped to test this circuit, so I was hoping that one
>of you might have had some experience with it. It is found at
>I have purchased most of the parts and I am building it on a proto board to
>test it. Anyone have a circuit simulation software package that could test
>the concept?
>I am still needing the 0-100K potentiometers and the salesman at my local
>electronics retailer said "yeah, you're gonna want to get pots with real
>high resolution, that's gonna be expensive."

"High resolution" What a clown! The resolution is fixed by the length of
the arc which of course is always the same. You should however get linear
instead of logarithmic.

The only way to *appear* to increase res is to use mutli-turn pots. These
can require 10 or 25 full rotations to travel from one end stop to the
other. You can also get 10 turn knobs that will interface to a standard pot.

Dave Everett

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