[mowbot] Active borders.

adamdb nospam at juno.com
Tue, 25 May 1999 09:47:38 -0500

Having recently joined this list, I am sure this subject has been
discussed before, but I wasn't around to hear it.

Does anyone have any schematics or references for an "active border"
system? (You know, kind of like the invisible dog fence, only for my
mowbot). I am building my mowbot with the intention of using grass
sensors to try and stay in the uncut grass, but just in case I would also
like an active border so I don't mow down the wife's garden by accident.

As I understand the concept, some kind of wire or wires are buried around
the perimeter of the lawn, an AC signal is injected into the wire, and
the mowbot has some form of sensor that will detect this signal. I would
like to do this as cheaply and simply as possible.

Any ideas?


Adam Bryant (age 0x23)
abryant nospam at peaktech.com (work)
adamdb nospam at juno.com (home)
Parker, CO, USA
Robotics, RC Airplanes, anything using a PIC

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