Re: [mowbot] 3 or 4 wheels?

Paul Jurczak (pauljurczak nospam at
Fri, 21 May 1999 09:17:39 -0700 (PDT)

--- Dave Everett <deverett nospam at> wrote:
> The only other solution I can think of: Make the
> drive base a tripod as
> suggested above, and have the cutting deck 'float'
> on two idler casters at
> the front that allow the deck to change height as
> the terrain changes.
> The floating only needs to occur at the front, a
> simple pivot at the rear
> would suffice as the rear drive wheels will become
> the height idlers at the
> back.
> Dave Everett
> Domestic Droids Website

This is mechanically sound idea, but a little bit too
complex to implement on my mower. I will try the
tricycle configuration - avoiding certain motion
trajectories should make it work.


Paul Jurczak
<pauljurczak nospam at>

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