Re: [mowbot] mowbot brains

Craig Bladow (cbladow nospam at
Mon, 10 May 1999 13:46:28 -0700 (PDT)

I purchased my gear motors from MECI. I would recommend that you
always buy 4 gearmotors for a mowbot. You will probably end up going
to 4 wheel
drive and then you would have a matched set. As it
is I do not have a matched set. I will have to PWM the signal to the
newer motors to slow them down.
RPM for the last set is 35, the first set run at 30.
The latest motors are compact, draw < .5 amp, and
have 1/4" shafts. I don't have any torque ratings.
I mount 6" lawn mower wheels to the output shafts using 1/2" bolts as
adapters. The center of the bolt
is drilled to match the gear motor shaft diameter.
A hole for a setscrew is drilled and tapped in the
shoulder of the hex head. The head of the bolt slides onto the motor
shaft and is kept from slipping by the setscrew. The wheel is held on
the bolt by a nylon locking nut.

I also program PICs and have done several projects but haven't put one
in a robot yet.

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