Re: [mowbot] cutting motor details

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Wed, 05 May 1999 08:13:52 +1000

At 08:30 04-05-99 -0500, Lawrence Lile wrote:
>OOOOH Arizona - where water conservation is an Art. Here in Missouri, the
>main concern in water management is what to do with it all. Getting water
>OFF the yard is a big problem. It's rained almost every day these last two
>weeks and my grass is 9" tall! Two weeks ago it was 1" tall. Here, it
>doesn't matter how often you mow, the grass still grows fine, WAY too fine.
>Once I pump the water out of my basement.......
The original solar mower had a humidity sensor to detect if the grass was
wet. It wouldn't run in this situation. I think it had a similar power
budget to the one you are planning on. It could not cut grass once it got
that long.

Dave Everett

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