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Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Tue, 04 May 1999 09:23:19 +1000

At 14:01 03-05-99 -0500, Lawrence Lile wrote:
>I'm curious about other's experience with the plastic trimmer blade
>converters. Most people seem to end up with the disk and razor blade
>concept for a trimmer. I'm afraid of that - if the plastic swing blades
>work they should be safer. I have a friend that lost a hand in a mower.....
>What "didn't work" about the plastic blades?
I tired a plastic blade early on, also a soft rubber blade, nylon line
trimmer, hedge trimmer, handmower blade etc etc.

The plastic blade needed a lot of speed to work. I was running it at about
15000RPM. The soft rubber blade worked, but hit anything ard and you need
to replace the whole blade. The nylon trimmer just made a mess of the
grass, it's best against a hard surface like a fence, but less successful
when the grass can move away. The hedge trimmer also left a mess of uncut
grass. The handmower would have been dead simple to convert to robotic
operation, but you need to go back and forth over the same spot to get a
proper cut.

In the end the best system was the razor blades.

Dave Everett

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