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Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:54:33 EDT

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<< I am as well, although I think yours is the first message I have received
since subscribing.

Anyone out there have a working mowbot that they would like to share
specs on? I am currently working on one utilizing the following:

Power: 12v 5A battery
Drivetrain: Two car power window motors with worm gear.
Cutting blade: Nylon blade adapter intended for use on string trimmers.
Cutting motor: Not sure yet, but probably a car heater fan motor or
Brains: PIC Microprocessor
Grass cutting pattern: Random
Obstacle avoidance: ??? Suggestions??? Probably a combination of buried
wire for perimeter sensing and touch sensors to avoid obstacles in the
middle of the yard.
How do you plan to have it sense the grass it has cut?
Richard Brull