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Dear Dave,

thanks for the info and for keeping me updated. Sounds really
As I mentioned before I am enthusiastic about the idea, but my intention
to look for a great lawn robot and for selling opportunities in Europe,
since I
have good international marketing and sales knowledges in the IT markets
in Europe
and I am totally convinced that such a product could be sold very easily
different channels and with different strategies. If there would be
something available
which is good and well priced I would give up my job right away and go
for this project.
Honestly. That's all, so please let me stay on your list ;-)


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>Greetings fellow Mowboters,
>If any of you are still around that is :)
>I have been so busy these last few months, I've hardly had any opportunity
>to work on my robots. At present I have 4 robots underway, Grassy - the
>lawnmower, a vacbot, a biped and a new large domestic robot.
>You may remember that I have changed the course of my mowbot and the
>picture I have online is not representative. One of the decisions I made
>was to treat the design like a commercial design, so I am having parts
>made, and casting others in plastic. This can lead to long delays and other
>headaches, but I'm certain it will lead to a better robot.
>On the vacbot front I bought an old Superbug vacuum in a pawn shop and will
>be modifying that for robotic control. There isn't much room inside when
>the guts are stripped out. I'm hopeful that everything will fit in.
>Those of you who read comp.robotics.misc regularly may have seen a message
>regarding the use of studfinders for robotic obstacle detection. The basic
>studfinder is a capacitive sensor which works well for non-metallic
>obstacles. I have designed up a circuit which seems to work quite well and
>I plan to use that in the vacuum nozzle.
>I will post the circuit to the website when I've fully tested it.
>I've had quite a few enquiries about the website as usual, plenty of people
>asking for references to other sites and information in general. There are
>a few university level mowbot projects going on that aren't online yet. I'm
>hoping to get links to these projects soon. I also receive email from
>people not on the list who are also building domestic robots of various
>kinds, and I hope to have pictures and information from them on the site in
>the near future.
>I'd like to ask all members how their own projects are going?
>Dave Everett
>Domestic Droids Website