[mowbot] Domestic robots

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at idx.com.au)
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 16:18:21 +1000

Hello Everyone,

Recently a poster to comp.robotics.misc expressed an interest in building a
vacuumm cleaning robot. I've been playing with the idea for the last few
years and I'm sure other list members have looked at this idea as well.

If no one objects, I'd like to see list discussions expanded to include
this type of robot as well.

My 'Vacubot' uses the motor and fan from a dustbuster type of cleaner. It
is designed for 6v, but when run from 12, it really suck! This particular
dustbuster came with a head attachment, which I have modified to go on the
front of the robot. drive is accomplished by 2 Tamiya wormdrive gearboxes
coupled to meccano wheels. I made some opto disks for distance measurement.

The air is sucked through the modified head and up some conduit into a
plastic pressfit jar that I plan on installing a dust basket in. At the
moment dust and grit fly through the fan and spew out on the robot base
<g>, it's not quite a practical cleaning tool yet :)

The main reason I haven't really pursued development is that I think the
robot is too high. At the moment the robot is about 22cm in height, and I
really want this robot to be able to go under the bed and chairs with ease.
The dust collection scheme also needs some work.

If anyone is interested, I will put some pictures on the internet.

Dave Everett.