[mowbot] Good source for video transmitters?

Ross, Michael (michael.ross nospam at lmco.com)
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 14:16:13 -0500

Hi, Folks.

I was all set to order video transceivers for the 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, and 2.4
GHz bands, with the intent of trying them all simultaneously to see what
that did to alleviate video null spots with my mowbot. I wanted to buy them
($1500!), try them, and return them if they don't alleviate the null spots.
Supercircuits (of Austin, TX, USA) says all sales of such items are final,
no return. Does anyone else know of another supplier for similar video
transmitters? I'm stumped until I can get past this.


Mike Ross

From: Dave Everett[SMTP:deverett nospam at idx.com.au]
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Subject: Re: [mowbot] Lawn Ranger Articles

At 10:33 PM 17-05-98 -0400, Gary Toering wrote:
>I hope you will post the article. Even if it is not a good
project, it could
>serve to seed some other ideas. If you need help (OCR or editing)
let me
>and I'll see if I can be of any use.
My main concern is that there is virtually no valuable information
to those
interested in constructing a lawn mower robot in the late 1990's. A
secondary problem is that my scanner is smaller than A4, and some of
images and schematics are A4 in size. I could go to a lot of trouble
patch together these schematics, but they are thoroughly worthless.

I promise that each synopsis will contain all the details. I have
left out
details of the circuits because they are simply impractical now, but
I will
post the block outlines that may be of some use.

There are several photos in the first article showing the sensors
cutters, but believe me, you can glean nothing from these photos. In
most of the images are schematics or photos of the finished boards,
obviously this is useless to us, and a serious strain on my website
I would rather fill it with details of other participants projects
this article.

Don't give up though Gary :-) Wait till the last summary and see how
feel then.

Dave Everett

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