Re: [mowbot] Prototype Status Report

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:40:52 +1000

At , Byron wrote:
>My prototyping is progressing nicely. Cef Peterson's post gave me a few
>ideas to work with. I'm just about finished gathering parts and starting
>to put the first prototype together. Here's a rundown of my components:
>PLATFORM: As I've said before I'm trying to keep everything dead dumb
>simple for the prototype. For the platform I'm using a circular wooden
>table top from a $5 tripod table. It's study enough to carry motors
>batteries etc. but easy to drill and bolt to.

Great, good to see someone else taking the constructional plunge.

>I still need to add the cutting engine and blade and the control electronics
>but so far it doesn't seem exhorbitant.
>I'll keep the list posted as I make progress.
Hope to see some photos when you have the chance.

I've recently started a new mowbot using an idea I discarded very early. I
will post the information in a few weeks when I have completed the chassis.

I am molding plastic for this one to keep the weight down, and it looks
like I might even be able to run it from solar cells.

Dave Everett

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