Re: [mowbot] RFD: Define reference 'grassbox' for mowbot development.

Paul Jurczak (pauljurczak nospam at
Tue, 12 May 1998 14:11:47 -0700 (PDT)

---Byron A Jeff <byron nospam at> wrote:
> the discussion has centered around sensors, mapping, and boundary
> (Which I believe are solvable problems) where I'm confused is the
pure basics:
> How to get a mobile platform that cuts grass.

Mobile platform is much easier problem than that of its control. The
former can be easily solved using state of the art in mechanics and
electronics, full solution to the later exceeds current state of the

> Of course finding a powerful enough motor is another > problem.

I bought bunch of 12V 15000rpm at 3.6A motors from American Science &
Surplus for $7.50 each, they seem to be perfect for trimmer / disc
with blades application.

>I want to
> thank Paul for posting that motor driver board a while back. BTW is
> a kit or is it fully assembled?

Its fully assembled and weather resistant.

> Can't steering simply be done by having
> centered, bi-directional drive motors?

Why not by rear, bi-directional drive motors?


Paul Jurczak
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