Re: [mowbot] Cordless lawn mower modification.

Paul Jurczak (pauljurczak nospam at
Fri, 8 May 1998 13:01:57 -0700 (PDT)

---Ben Bailey <bbailey nospam at> wrote:
> That's interesting. I had originally approached a similar idea using
> ultrasonic beacons in the yard, then triangulation. I later decided
> the ultrasonics wouldn't work too well - too much noise interference.
> So, are you planning on triangulating on these object (play set, house
> wall, etc.) to some sort of map of the yard? If so, is this unique
to your
> yard, or general purpose?

Ultimately it will be general purpose, but the first step is to make
it working in my backyard. If I decide to commercialize it I would
bring it up to the level where it can mow lawns of my neighbours after
short training. That requires robot to be able to map the area and
update it (change in landscaping etc.). To do so, it has to recognize
at least grass and non-grass objects. To be robust it probably needs
to know more than these two categories.

Paul Jurczak
<pauljurczak nospam at>

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