Re: [mowbot] What is LawnBot?

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 10:21:28 +1000

KEN_REED nospam at wrote:
> Dave keeps asking me for photo's of my LawnBot, but that's not a good
> medium for me and the hardware available to me. I do have the
> mechanical drawings for my LawnBot available.

Hehe, I looked back through my archive and realised that's not the first
time I've asked you about photos. I seem to have short term memory loss.

> Dave: These drawings are done in "Designer" from "Micrographics" on a
> PC. The only actual output I have is Color PostScript output ready for
> a printer. I get this by printing to a file. The color is used in
> many of the drawings to encode information, but monochrome prints are
> pretty useful too. If there is sufficient interest, is it possible to
> save the *.ps files on the website and let individuals download them
> and print them?

I don't mind PS files, I'd be happy to put them on the page or provide a
link to your page if you want to keep them there. I'll put a link to the
Ghostscript home page so people can get the viewer.

>From memory, designer doesn't read PS files properly, I tried using it
as a PS viewer last year without success. Have you tried reading the
output through a standard PS viewer?

Dave Everett.