Re: [mowbot] Re: Gotta have gas to cut ??

Doug Smith (dsmith nospam at
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 15:34:36 -0600

> >>>I believe the disk is important since it would stir the air less
> >>>than some form of a cross. The air would be churned up by a cross
> >>>always pushing air out of the way, and it moving right back in.
> >>>It's interesting you used the phrase "propeller type arrangement",
> >>>since it would be a zero pitch propeller.
> >>>Note: I haven't experimented with anything but a disk, and I'm
> >>>satisfied enough with it that it is designed into my LawnBot.
> >>>To me it seems intuitive that a disk would cause the least air
> >>>friction losses.

Did you happen to experiment with the difference between an equally weighted
disc and one with more weight at the outside like a flywheel? I would guess
that a flywheel arrangement might have a higher starting current but
lower run current. If nothing else it would even out the slowdown when
hitting thicker or moist grass patches.

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