Re: [mowbot] Re: Gotta have gas to cut ??

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 20:07:23 +1000

Ken, there seems to be some problem with your mailer. Your reply came
back with my remarks unquoted, but your new remarks quoted ???

KEN_REED nospam at wrote:
> > My LawnBot will use two such electric motors/cutters to provide a 12" cutting
> > path.
> Have you considered just making one blade bigger to get the same cut? I
> recall that the lawnranger used 2 disks, I think to acheive a short
> wheelbase. It would at least save you another 600ma of current drain.
> Dave
> >>>Actually I'm using two small disks instead of one for several reasons.
> >>> The small disks fit into my robot planform much better.
> >>> Two small disks have 1/4 the mass and inertia of one big disk,
> >>> which loads the motor shaft and bearings and battery much more.
> >>> The motors I could find worked out to have about the right amount
> >>> of power for small disks.
> >>> ken

I hadn't considered the effect of a large mass rotating, it certainly
could be a problem. I haven't solved that on my latest blade system, but
I'm using a very light (about 5 gram) blade now.
Do you have some pictures Ken, I'd really like to add it to the website
experiments page.

> I have the solar mower patent (5,444,965) in GIF format. It is quite
> informative, I was going to put it on the website, but there didn't seem
> to be much interest.
> >>>I'd be very interested in the patent, if few others are maybe we can
> save some of your time and have it mailed out.

I'll put a zipfile of the GIFs on the website on the 10th (your 9th) and
link it from the main page. I will only leave them there for a few weeks
as they add up to about 470k zipped.

Dave Everett.