[mowbot] Digital Compass

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at vir.idx.com.au)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 15:37:50 +1100

My 2XG gimballed digital compass arrived yesterday. I ordered it from
Jameco and their delivery was very prompt.

According to the application notes, the standard compass (Vector 2X)
gives 3deg of heading error for each 1deg of tilt from level, so it
looks like it was worth paying the extra money for the gimballed

The 2XG has a maximum travel of 15deg, so after that I'm stuck with the
heading errors. Those who can remember far enough back will recall that
I intended to put 2 digital inclinometers on the robot also. I have put
that part on hold at the moment purely due to cost, each inclinometer is
$75. They may prove neccessary in the future but I'm trying to keep to
the $600 total limit already discussed.

I have come across a cutting blade that might be more suitable than the
weed trimmer head. The trimmer head does a very rough job, and the lawn
tends to look pretty messy afterwards. This new blade is made from
plastic and is designed for grass cutting. On the safety side I found a
soft rubber blade intended for grass, but I have been warned that it
would probably need replacing after each mowing session.

Dave Everett.