[mowbot] Digital compass

Dave Everett (deverett nospam at vir.idx.com.au)
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 16:13:55 +1100

Mike Ross wrote:
> > I also ordered a 2XT gimballed digital compass yesterday from Jameco.
> I recently completed interfacing a Vector 2X to a 68HC11, let me know if
> you'd like a copy of the code. I spent the extra $50 for the developer's
> board, which makes it very easy to mount (hangs off a DB25 connector).
Thanks Mike. I'm not sure what micro I will use on the robot. I'm
leaning toward the HC11 (simply out of laziness), however I'm sure
others would be interested. If you would like to write up your
experience with the compass (accuracy, ease of use, problems and
interfacing) I'll make a page for it on the Mowbot site, with your code
for downloading.

Dave Everett.