Re: [mowbot] testing terminator blades

Dave Everett (Deverett nospam at
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 08:16:23 +1000

DON AUTRY wrote:
> I talked with the folks at the RC hobby shop here today and found out that
> the small motors used in the RC cars should be of use for our purposes. They
> have speeds of from 15000 to 40000 rpm and are fairly high torque. Although
> most of the time they use them for only 6 minutes at a time, the fellow
> I spoke with had just helped a guy build a blimp which used a custom built
> set of two 8pack batteries and he said it runs with the motors running full
> tilt for about 2 hours.

I know the type of motor you mean. I'm building an experimental rig at
the moment that uses the head of a whipper snipper (weedwhacker to you
However I chose a motor that is used for model electric aircraft. The
motor are designed to run continuously so there shouldn't be a problem.

> in price from US $20-75 dollars. The nicad packs are about $3 a cell thru
> his store, but I am sure they can be purchased cheaper elsewhere. I would
> also like to know if any of you can give me sources for supply of better
> larger battery cells than are used by the RC hobbiest.

You could replace the NiCads with NiMH batteries. They have about twice
the current capability and can be recharged at anytime (no memory

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