Re: [mowbot] Where are the Mowbots of yesteryear?

Monta Elkins (Monta nospam at
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:14:37 -0400

Dave Everett wrote:
> To all those who have already constructed (or are in the process of
> constructing) Mowbots, (like you Monta) I would like to put up a page
> for each one on the Mowbot website.

I'm "in the process"...?
I guess. I have a (newly rewired) mobile platform;
but I put the project on hold; before I joined the mowbot list.

I have to finish the "Batmobile", my son's computer controlled
loft bed ( currently with over 350 foot of fiber optic lighting

Look for it's appearence 'on the net' around the end of the year.
(It should be 'query'able and controllable from the web...)

Of course everthing seems to take so much longer than it should.

After the "Batmobile" I should have time to 'dive into' mowbot.

In the mean time, I'm just collecting ideas and leaching experience :)

-Monta Elkins

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